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Website Optimisation
  File Sizes

Website Optimisation - File Sizes

If your webpage takes an age to download then it is likely that there is something wrong. This can be caused by one or more of the following factors:-

  1. Images too large and / or too numerous
  2. Excessive use of Javascript or Java applications
  3. Poor hosting services
  4. Bad code structure and / or bloated code (as a result of using a non proprietary HTML editor like 'Word')

Useability studies show that the total download time for a webpage should take no longer than 8 seconds and that the total of all files making up that page INCLUDING IMAGES should be no more than 50K.
Whilst this target is not always possible in practice, it is good practice to aim for this when designing each page.

Question : Do YOUR pages take too long to download?

Why not try our Website Analysis Service which provides a detailed report on all the factors that can cause this together with how to remedy them.

Whenever Get Online Design are comissioned to create a website, it is with this filesize in mind that we start each page.

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