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Web Design - The Basics

Web Design is a peculiar thing... everyone has a view on what they deem to be 'good' design, everbody seems to know a web designer yet why are there still so many sites out there that are...

  1. Difficult to navigate
  2. Impossible to read for all the flashing graphics
  3. Bad mixtures of non matching colours
  4. General visual disaster areas!

Get Online Design are committed to producing high quality, professional websites which not only deliver the impact that you need but also deliver the results that you desire!

Why do you need a website by Get Online Design?

What type of site do I need?

We get asked this question all the time... here's the long and short of it. There are basically 3 types of site

  1. Standard 'brochure' type site
  2. Database powered website
  3. E-Commerce enabled site

If you are essentially putting your sales brochure online then (1) is for you

If you have a large amount of information of a repetitive nature (e.g. may products, courses, services etc) then a database backend is required. (especially if user defined searches are required i.e. house hunting searches)

Finally, if you want to trade online then your site has to be E-Commerce enabled with payment processing added in.

What do I do now?

Visit one of these pages detailing more of the features of online websites

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