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Take a look at the Thanet Tool Supplies website

Thanet Tool Supplies

Thanet Tool Supplies bricks and mortar business has grown over the past 30 years to the point that an online presence is essential!

Design Brief:
There are very many tool supply websites already on the internet so the brief for Thanet Tools was to differentiate their website from the rest of the gaudy over-advertised websites and create a clean, efficient website that made the user feel comfortable finding exactly what they need with the minimum of effort.
As thousands of products were to be listed, a database solution was required together with a web based interface for administrating the products.

Take a look at the  Personalised Golf website

Personalised Golf

Personalised Golf is a specialist company formed to assist the organisers of corporate golf events with their selection of corporate golf gifts and prizes.

Design Brief:
The recent redesign on this site required a fresh new modern feel in which the companies' products could be displayed.
Due to the nature of the business, online purchasing was not required however the capability for attaching it at a later date was to be retained.

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