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Take a look at the GrowHigh website


The UK's foremost supplier of bongs, cannabis seeds, pipes and smoking accessories.

Design Brief:
This site has been built to market leading standards for online shopping. A fully integrated MYSQL database driven store that holds encrypted visitor details online and provides a multifunctional environment for shopping.
Speed of customer access and high quality product imagery was the key to this site becoming success.

Take a look at the Jewellery of the Planet website

Jewellery of the Planet

Jewellery of the Planet offer a wide range of ethnic jewellery and surfing jewellery uniquely sourced from all over the world.

Design Brief:
Jewellery of the Planet required a complete overhaul of it's product display and overall corporate image. JShop Design was used to create the online shop environment together with an innovative 'search by colour' mechanism. Integrating with Protx to perform online transactions, the site has seen a vast increase in sales since the redesign.

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