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Per per Click - or Pay coz you're thick?

Why do so many people spend VAST amounts on pay-per-click (PPC) search ads without addressing the fundamental underlying problem with their Web sites that limits their ability to increase return on investment (ROI)?

The average retail website has a 2 percent conversion rate.
That means that 98 percent of Web site visitors fail to convert, even though they performed a keyword query and selected your site from the results.

Conversion rates under 5 percent are evidence of a conversion rate problem for most websites.

If a website had a more persuasive architecture, if it spoke to more people and led them through the buying cycle, the site's overall conversion rate would increase.

More importantly, keywords that were bid on in Google AdWords for example would increase conversions to even higher levels and become even more valuable.

PPC search advertising can double or triple in effectiveness without increasing total expenditure. In other words, a higher ROI.
A higher conversion rate means you could chase more keywords to higher bid prices and grow your audience and customer base.

Many online marketers are so busy messing with PPC search advertising campaigns, they've lost sight of their bigger problem: Web sites with low conversion rates.

A well designed web site will convert sales far more efficiently than one which is hard to navigate and hard to read.


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